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America's Online Curtain Superstore, Swags Galore is the best place to buy Valances. Valances are what Swags Galore is all about. We stock the largest collection of Valance and Swags on the web. We have spent years researching the best products at the best prices and are always looking for the newest and hottest products the industry has to offer. One of the quickest ways to add eye-catching pizzazz to a room is by adding a cleverly designed window topper. Topper's is a broad term used to describe any fabric window covering that creates interest at the top of a window. Commonly referred to as valance, toppers can add instant impact to the overall design of a room in subtle or dramatic ways. In addition to adding visual appeal, toppers also can hide a privacy shade or a curtain rod. The right combination of window topper style and fabric choice can transform an ordinary-looking room into one you will enjoy spending time in. Tailored Valances offer the ease of installing your window toppers effortlessly. They offer a neat clean look that will compliment all decorating styles. Many of the tailored valances are now available as a grommet tops which create a contemporary look however we offer many traditional and country style tailored valances as well. Shaped valances and scalloped valances will give your windows lots of body and texture. These valances are made with more fabric then tailored valances which will create fullness to your window. Tucked, Austrian, Festoon and M valances are just a few of the shaped/scalloped valance we offer at big savings. Layered valances also called Bradford valances are great values and come in a number of different home décor styles. These valances have coordinating layers of fabric (one over the other) which give you many color options when decorating. Print fabrics are especially well suited for layered window treatment styles since the print can provide dramatic splashes of color in a room. Lace valances and sheer valances are probably the most affordable. These are light weight fabrics that are generally tailored and allow lots of light to enter the space. They can be used alone or over panels, shades, shutters or balloon shades. Your options are limitless when considering which valance to use on your windows. Lined Valances are more common and affordable these days. Lined valances are not prone to sun damage since they have a fabric lining. In many communities the home owners association requires the home owner use neutral color window treatments, and with lined valances you can install a burgundy faux silk valance with a white lining and still be in compliance. Ascot, tassel and waterfall valances are pointed style valances with cascades of fabric falling gracefully over the top of your windows. Many of the ascot valances have tassels hanging from the bottom. Waterfall valances have cascades of flowing fabric. Keep in mind when using these types of valances it's recommended you use odd numbers of valances on your windows, such as 3, 5, 7 this way you focus on the center valance in your window. Tie up shades are popular these days. Easy to install, affordable and available in every decorating style. They can be used alone or with curtains and drapes in fact many of the curtain styles are available with coordinating tie up shades. Country style valances are the most popular valances we stock. With hundreds to choose from at prices that won't break the bank it's no wonder were the leader in affordable valances on the web today. The country valance can be installed in all types of homes, not just the old farm house. These types of valances create a warm cozy atmosphere that will make everyone feel welcome in your home. Swag and jabot valances are the perfect choice if you want to frame your window but don�t want the hassle of curtain panels hanging to the floor. These types of window treatments cover most cosmetic imperfections around your windows since they have tails that swoop down on either side. Most swag and jabot set are lined and are easy to install. They can create a casual, elegant or country look at an affordable price. Waverly valances are quality branded fabrics that could cost hundreds of dollars at a custom shop but we have many readymade Waverly products at affordable prices.