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Sheer & Semi Sheer Curtains
Sheer Curtains are an inexpensive way of covering your windows without spending a lot of money. Available in Dozens of colors and styles Sheer curtains can be used alone or as an under treatment. Most of today's sheer are polyester and are machine washable.

Sheers give your room a light and airy feeling diffusing the sunlight that enters the window. Textured sheers and semi sheers can be drawn open in the daytime to allow lots of sunlight to enter the space and closed in the evening giving you privacy and blocking any outside light that may enter the room, such as street lights and head lights.

Sometimes the only dressing a window needs is a sheer, especially when the walls are painted a vivid color. White sheers are the most popular since they are neutral in color and go with just about any wall, furniture or floor color. However there are dozens floral, embroidered, striped and animal theme sheer curtains that are sure to compliment any window, room or home.

Whenever installing heavier window treatments such as Jacquards, Thermal or Chenille curtains always consider layering your treatments with sheer panels underneath. This will not only protect your heavier more expensive curtains form the suns UV rays but also give you privacy when the heavier panels are in the open position.

So have fun with your sheer window treatments they are inexpensive enough to change from season to season or when the holidays come along. Mix and match your colors to jazz up the area their installed. Most sheers have matching valances that allow you to bridge the panels on either side of the window or you can install panels on some windows and valances on others depending on window size.