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Pinch Pleat Curtains
Choosing window treatments such as curtains and drapes can be overwhelming at times but it can also be very exciting. Pinch pleat draperies are a practical additional to any room; they add an air of romance, luxuriousness and elegance.

Pinch Pleats are a very traditional drapery that is topped with a series of narrow, “pinched" folds. Also called “French" pleats, this type of drapery requires a good bit of stack back space, as pinching the top of the fabric results in a greater fabric fullness at the bottom.

Thermal insulated pinch pleated drapes are always a good choice for those who are trying to keep their electricity bills low. The drapes seal warm air in during the winter while keeping cold air out. In the summer, the drapes seal the air conditioner in while keeping the heat out.

Pinch pleated drapes can be hung directly from the ceiling or from wall to wall, which are both convenient options for blocking out sunlight. Pinch Pleated Drapes can be installed with curtain hardware pins that fasten to a traverse curtain rod allowing you to open and close the treatments with a draw string or you can use decorative clip rings with a decorative curtain rod which allow you to slide your panels effortlessly depending on preference.

When selecting the best drapes for your room, be sure to consider which curtains complement the current style of the room and would match best with the room's décor. A mismatched curtain is something you definitely want to avoid because it can give a jarring effect when entering the room for the first time.