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Drapery curtains are generally a heavier window treatment, sometimes lined and able to open and close in a number of different ways. Can also be used as a stationary curtain panel which means it flanks either side of the window , rather than hanging in front of it.

Cost of drapery panels can be acquired for as little as $14.99. Drapes can make any room look as elegant or as casual as the environment calls for. Quality, design, fiber type, linings, and embellishments and more will factor into the price. Drapes can be used in bedrooms, living rooms, dens, dining rooms as well as any other room in your home. Curtains and draperies are works of art, hand and machine sewn by talented workrooms.

Drapes can camouflage bad woodwork and other architectural flaws; sound absorbent; can insulate, such as masking cold air leaks in windows. Also effective in blocking the sun's damaging rays; can be a room's focal point; if lined, can offer privacy; softens the look of hard window treatments when used in combination; mount a drapery rod at ceiling level to enhance the height of a room; colored and pattern fabric can provide visual interest.

Drapery curtains are a wonderful choice for an elegant home; we have drapes in many fabrics, styles, and colors. Swags Galore purchases drapes & draperies at the best prices and have been passing those savings onto there customers since 1999.