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Cafe & Tier Curtains
Café and Tier Curtains can be used in Kitchens, Bathrooms and many other places in your home. First let discuss how they are used. Café curtains are used to cover the bottom part of the window. So if you want privacy without blocking the light that comes through the top of the window, café curtains are the perfect choice for you. Tier curtains can be used to cover either the top or the bottom of your window. If they are used to cover the top of the window they are generally considered a décor application rather than privacy curtains. They can also be used to cover both the top and the bottom of the window; in this case they are used as décor & for privacy.

We have a large collection of solid color café and tier curtains in many colors, fabrics and styles. We have floral print café tiers, embroidered tiers, lace cafe & sheer café and tier curtains. If you are searching for café or tier curtains, well look no further, and if it's a themed café and tier curtain you want we have hundreds in stock and ready to ship.

Swags Galore has put together a large collection of café and tier curtains to help you with your window decorating needs. We invite you to search our catalog of café and tier curtains we are certain you will find the curtains you have been looking for.