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Ascot Valances are Valance that are “V" or triangular in shape. Frequently ascot valances feature beads, tassels or fringed scalloped edging. Waterfall Valances are generally “U" Shaped Valances. Waterfall can be accented with tassels, bead or cording.

There are many ways of hanging ascot and waterfall valances, let's examine a few.

Use one curtain rod and gather as many valances needed to cover your window. This generally requires using enough valances to cover two to three times your window width.

You can also use a double curtain rod to achieve a more full gathered look, for instance you may have a window where three ascot valance or waterfall valances are hung on the front curtain rod, and then two ascot or waterfall valances are hung on the back curtain rod. This will give you a unique custom look at a DIY price.

Waterfall valances usually have a split rod pocket; this will allow you to interlink the valances during the installation process to create an awesome custom window treatment.