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Embroidered Curtains
Embroidered curtains and drapes will create a warm inviting atmosphere. Embroidered curtain panels have a remarkable way of making your windows look elegant. Embroidered curtain panels usually come in a large variety of designs from leaves, hearts, vines, and flowers, to other elegant designs that can match whatever look you are trying to create for your home. Embroidered curtains not only come in different designs, but different fabrics as well, such as voile, faux silk, taffeta, polyester and more.

Swags Galore carries several varieties of embroidered curtain panels, such as embroidery voile, faux silk, and lace, most with matching top treatments or curtains valances. Since there is so many variations and designs this will guarantee that you'll find a design that matches the unique decor of your home. Some embroidered curtain drapes are also accented with fringes or cording.