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Grommet Curtains
America's Online Curtain Superstore, Swags Galore has the largest selection of prepackaged in stock discounted grommet top curtains on the web. Grommet top curtains are a popular style for all your window needs. Designed to beautifully decorate your windows, grommet curtains will create a clean and contemporary look for all your windows needs.

Grommets are used for a modern look on flat paneled draperies, the grommet is installed onto the header of the drapery panel, and then, depending upon the size of the grommet, the rod is slipped through the grommets. Just one of the many advantages of grommet curtains are they allow the curtains to slide effortlessly on the curtain rod, making it easy to open and close

Grommet curtains come in dozens of fabrics, styles and colors for just about any décor style. Originally more of a contemporary style these days grommet curtains can be purchased in the most popular styles such as country, traditional or formal. Many of the prepackaged grommet styles are lined and insulated for added value, saving money on heating and cooling bills and paying for the cost of the panels over time.

Most Grommet curtain come with a matching valance top treatment that can be used in conjunction with the panels or can be used alone. The advantages of a grommet valance are they can be used on all your smaller windows that may be too small to cover with larger panels.

A general rule of thumb for Grommet Top Panels is to use approximately two to three times your window width in fabric. Order multiple Grommet Top Curtain Panels to achieve your desired look & fullness.

Swags Galore stocks the industry's most popular styles in many of the longer lengths such as 95", 108" and 120".

So when you get tired of going to the brick and mortar stores only to find that they don't have the style curtain your searching for or that they only have 3 curtains on the shelves and you need 4. Come to America's Online Curtain Superstore, Swags Galore and “See the world through their windows". We are the largest Curtain Warehouse in the nation with millions of curtains in stock and more styles arriving daily.