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Kitchen curtains, tiers, swags, valances, and cafe tier curtains.

Most Kitchen curtains are sold as separates, which means they are sold separately as tier pairs, swag pairs and valances so you can mix and match the combination of pieces you need to complete your windows. They are also sold as complete kitchen curtain sets, which include tiers, swags and valances all packaged together for an added value.

Kitchen tiers are a great way to get privacy in your kitchen without blocking the sun light, or maybe you just want an insert valance or swag curtain as a window top treatment to, either way Swags Galore has the largest selection of prepackaged tiers, swags and valances to help with your decorating needs.

Swag Curtains are usually sold as a pair covering the left and right side of the window. They hang down on either side of the window generally 36", 45", or 63"lengths. All Swag pair curtains have insert valances that can be purchased separately for wider windows.

Many of the Insert Valances can be used alone as a window top treatment, they don't have to be installed between the swag pair. Swags Galore offers hundreds of insert valances in dozens of styles and colors that can be installed as a top treatment for any window not just kitchens.

Café curtains (Tier Curtains) are always sold in pairs, generally in 24"and 36"lengths. The benefits of using Café Curtains on your windows is they cover the lower portion of the window for the privacy you need in your home still allowing lots of sun light to enter the space above since they only cover the lower portion of the window.

Cafe curtains can be used in most any room in your home, bathrooms, hallways, living rooms and bedrooms are just a few you just need to use your imagination.

Used alone or in combination our kitchen curtain separates offer something for everyone and just a reminded these curtains are not just for the kitchen. Tiers, swags and valances can be installed in any room over any window in the home and office.

General rule of thumb when measuring for kitchen tiers, swags and insert valance, use 2 to 3 times of fabric width to properly complete your treatments.

For the value shopper Swags Galore offer hundreds of Complete Kitchen Curtain Set that are sold with everything you need in one package, tier pairs, swag pairs and attached valance all for one low price.

So look no further Swags Galore is your Curtain Warehouse stocking the largest selection of kitchen curtains. Americas Online Curtain Superstore, Swags Galore has the largest selection of curtains at the best prices with the fastest shipping. We offer many coupon options to help make your shopping experience even more affordable, just click on “Today's Promotion" at the top of the page for Free Shipping and Coupon Codes.