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Valances , The Most Popular Window Decor

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Valances were once considered to be a way to conceal windows; most interior decorators would use them to hide various parts of your windows that were not covered by drapes, blind or curtains. Today valances do much more than just hide the tops and sides of your windows. Valances can be used to compliment various window design concepts and to add flair and design to any window treatment. Valances come in a wide array of styles, colors and design concepts so they can perfectly accent any window, drape, curtain or blind. Adding valances to your home is a quick, easy and inexpensive way to create an interior decorator look without the decorator expense. You can use valances in your living room, dining room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom or anywhere else that would benefit from a little design flair.

Choosing a Window Valance

There are many different types of valances available today, including layered, scarf, swag, and tailored style valances. The type of valance you choose will be based on your home décor needs and what purpose you want the valance to provide. The options for using these valances can be limitless, because they are available in so many different styles and designs.

Layered Valances

Layered valances sometimes called Bradford valance are a popular valance to use over your windows. These valance are layered with coordinating fabrics one over the other which create a quality high end look for an affordable price.

Scarf Valances

Scarf valances can create an old world romantic style. They are great for showing off your ornate or decorative curtain rod. Most of the time scarf valances are made from sheer materials and are arranged to be swooped or draped in appearance. These types of window top treatments can be draped over a decorative curtain rod allowing lots of light to enter the room or can be installed over curtain panels or drapes framing the window. Scarf panels are generally affordable since they are just 4,5 or 6 yard lengths of fabric with no pocket, header or hem.

Swag Valances

The most popular type of valance is the swag valance sometimes called a jabot valance, which can be used on any window/ room in the home. A swag valance comes with a left and right vertical “tail” that hangs down each side of the window, usually 36”, 45” and 63” long with a center insert valance. You can purchase as many insert valances as needed to cover the width of your window. Swag valance sets can be used alone or can be installed over curtains, drapes, tiers, blinds and shades which will provide more privacy and insulating factor.

Tailored Valances

Tailored valances are straight valances, which allow you to see more of the fabric. Unlike the scalloped valance or the layered valance that has a lot of folds and body when installed the tailored valance is a simpler flat or neat looking valance. Used alone or over curtains and drapes the tailored valance will help compliment any window.

No matter what design concept you choose, adding one of these valances to your window’s design will add to the appearance of your home. A great place to shop for the largest selection of in stock valances is America’s Online Curtain Superstore,
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