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Update your Curtains, Spring is Coming

Posted March 7, 2103 | Filed under Window Decor Ideas | Comments (1)
With Spring coming upon us it’s time we start thinking about warm weather , flowers and the bright and colorful things Summer has to offer, that being said we might want to consider replacing those heavy dark colored curtains and drapes that are hanging in our homes with light and colorful sheer, lace, and floral pattern curtains and valances.

Lace curtains and sheer curtains are always good choices for the summer months. These curtains allow the warm summer sun light to enter your windows without losing privacy. Sheer Curtains are available in dozens of colors and a number of different sizes for every window combination. You can use sheer curtains (voile curtains) by themselves or as an under treatment.

Lace curtains come in a number of different styles and create and old world charm that will compliment most any home décor. Like sheer curtains, lace curtains can be used by themselves or as an under treatment. Generally sold in white and ivory lace curtains usually have a pattern theme woven into the fabric which allows the user to incorporate the theme into their window treatments. There are many lace valance and sheer valance options to choose from. Tie up shades, scalloped valance, tailored valance are just a few. Both sheer and lace curtains/valances are affordable choices for all your window treatment needs.

Valances are the easiest and most affordable way to frame your windows without the hassle and cost of layering curtains on double and triple curtain rods. Layered, lined and shaped valances come in a number of different styles, colors, and patterns and can be used by themselves or over curtain panels and drapes.

Swag and jabot curtains are excellent for hiding old worn out or damaged window frames since they swoop down on either side of the window and cover most of the frame. Swag and jabot curtains come in a number of different lengths which allows you to pick the right size for your windows.

Grommet curtains are the perfect window treatment for all seasons since they allow the user to easily draw the curtains hung from a decorative rod effortlessly. Grommet curtains have a metal grommet that the curtain rod is placed through which allows the curtains to slide without getting snagged on the curtain rod. This way you can control the amount of sun light entering your rooms creating the perfect environment for the summer months.
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