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Tricks and Tips for Getting the Most from your Homeís Curtains

Posted March 14, 2013 | Filed under Window Decor Ideas | Comments (0)
Your homeís curtains will go a long way towards determining the design concept of your home as a whole. Using some creative tactics with your existing drapes or curtains can help you to cover flaws and improve the appearance of your home.

Covering Up Window Flaws

Drapery and curtains can be used to easily cover up any flaws or problems your windows may have. For example, if your homeís living room has windows that are just a tad too small you will have several options. You can replace the windows entirely, which means you would have to pay a contractor to remove the old windows and install new ones. New windows are very expensive however you can use some creative window covering techniques to fix the problem. If your windows are too small you can make them look bigger by applying long and wide curtains. Try applying curtains that are tall enough where they would puddle on the floor under the window if they are attached to a curtain rod that is located just below the ceiling. This will make the windows look larger. Try using tied-backs to open the curtains rather than just drawing opening the curtains, leaving the top 2/3rds of the window covered. This will add to the appearance of the window while covering up its flaws.

Fabric and Color Choices

Choosing fabric is fun. While you donít need to be a professional decorator to select the right fabric for your windows, you should take the following ideas into consideration. The durability of fabric is key in making sure the finished treatments will hold up over time. Cotton is a common and versatile fabric. Cotton fabrics include sateen, damask, velvet, twill, chintz, and sail cloth. Linen is another all-purpose natural fiber featuring a distinguished texture that looks great as a casual curtain. Silk fabric must always be lined to prevent sun and moisture damage a less expensive, more durable substitute for silk is polyester. Faux silk polyester has the look of the real thing with the benefit of synthetic, manmade fibers that are long lasting and will remain colorfast, even with extended sun exposure. Other suitable acrylic choices include tapestries that are often poly/cotton blends, chenille, and moirť.

Protecting Your Drapes and Curtains

Drapes and curtains can add a touch of design to your home. They can also help keep out sunlight to reduce your homeís energy costs and make the home darker when you need a break from the sun. If the window is in a location of your home that receives a lot of sunlight, odds are your drapes and curtains will wear out faster because of the sunís harmful rays. Thatís why itís recommended that you consider using lined, insulated or thermal curtains and drapes. These types of curtains have become extremely affordable. With hundreds of styles and colors to choose from itís no wonder more customers are replacing there old worn out curtains with new lined and insulated curtains. These curtains will not only help reduce utility bills during the cold winter months they will also prevent your furniture and home from being damaged by the suns UV rays during the hot summer months.

Replace Outdated Curtains

Sometimes outdated curtains take too much away from the design concept of your home and the only way to fix this problem is to purchase new curtains. One of the best places to find new drapes or curtains is This company offers a wide range of different types of curtains to fit into any design concept.
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