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Tips For Taking Down And Storing Old Curtains

Posted May 23, 2014 | Filed under Tips By Manny | Comments (0)
When taking down old curtains and other window treatments itís important to first evaluate the condition of the pieces and determine whether they are worth saving for a future space or just in case something happens with your current curtains, you would have some for back up. If you have determined they are worth saving try and be as careful as possible when taking them down because you donít want to accidently get them caught on something like the bracket from the curtain rod or the hold backs and rip the material.

After everything has been taken down you should wash them according to directions on the package and if you do not have the package available for any reason you could always just search for the washing instructions online. Once the curtains have been washed and dried properly they are ready to be ironed, be sure to set your iron to the proper settings for the type of materials you will be ironing, if it is to hot you could end up burning through the material. Something Iíve learned dealing with various materials is an iron with a steam function makes life a lot easier when it comes to those tough wrinkles that donít want to come out, just give them a couple puffs of steam and they should fall right out.

The last step is folding and storing the curtains, when folding the curtains you donít have to fold it any special way just make it as neat as possible and it should be able to fit in whatever bag you have available at the time, the factory bag it came in is ideal. After its put in the bag just make sure you store it in a place that the temperature is controlled, you donít want to put them in a place where the humidity is bad or itís damp and could possibly ruin the material. Now youíre all set to hang up those new curtains and always have some for back up just in case!

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