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Lace Curtains Can Be Used to Add Design Appeal to Your Home

Posted April 26, 2013 | Filed under Window Decor Ideas | Comments (0)
Lace curtains are popular with many home designers for several reasons. First they are simple to install. Second they are elegantly beautiful and offer a wonderful, yet simplistic look. There are a few things that are as traditional and simplistic as lace curtains gently blowing in the breeze.

Why Choose Lace Curtains?

There are several reasons why many homeowners choose to use lace curtains to cover their home’s windows. Lace curtains are generally considered to be appropriate for every room in the house. They can be used equally as well in the kitchen as in the living room. They are the ideal way to provide a little design and sun protection without needing to install heavy drapes or use a curtain design that has a lot of fabric attached to it. For example, nothing adds to the simple, open and clean design of a country kitchen like simple lace curtains. In a simple open kitchen design like this, heavy drapes or fabric covered curtains would take away from the simplistic look.

Another reason why so many people choose to use lace curtains in their home is because they can be used in combination with drapes, blinds and other types of curtains. They can be used over many types of blinds or shades to make these vinyl or plastic window coverings look more appealing. Or they can be added to regular curtains to provide a bit of flair and design. Also, lace curtains can be applied to windows in many different ways, including on both the inside and the outside of the window. They can come in a variety of colors, styles and lengths as well, so they can fit into any design scheme.

White Lace Curtains are a Simple Classic

For many people the classic white lace curtain window covering is a welcome concept that evokes feelings of relaxation and spring time. Most of us think of these curtains in a welcoming bed and breakfast or of a kitchen engulfed by the smell of fresh cookies. White lace curtains are a very simple way to create an enjoyable design experience. There are a few ways to go wrong when installing these types of curtains into your home. You can also go with light colored lace curtains too, if the colors fit well into your design concept.

Types of Lace Curtains

There are many different types of lace curtains you can choose from. The differences in these lace curtain types can include things like fabric design, color, shapes and their country of origin. Some types of lace curtains are designed to have different amounts of fullness, or the amount of the fabric that is actually fitted into the window’s frame. The fuller the curtain fabric is, the more coverage and privacy it will provide. Examples of just a few of the different types of lace curtains you can find on the market today include London Lace, Scottish lace, Voile panels, French lace curtains, Heritage lace curtains and lace curtains designed by the Amish community.
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