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Add That Extra Style to Your Window Display With Tie Backs And Hold Backs!

Posted Nov 4, 2014 | Filed under Tips By Manny | Comments (0)
When shopping for window treatments most people tend to forget about the accessories and focus just on the curtains and valances alone, and while curtains alone could be just enough for you, some people like to customize their living spaces as much as they can to express their personal style!

One of the best ways to set yourself apart from the rest is to add tie backs or hold back to your window display! Tie backs and hold backs are often over looked but can make a huge difference with the look of your display.

Hold backs are used for a more formal professional look. They give the window a very clean look and keep everything nice and neat. While tassel tie backs on the other hand hang freely and have a more wild and festive look to them which would fit more in a laid back living room or bedroom .

One of the many great things about hold backs and tie backs is the versatility; they can be used in many different ways and styles and can always be switched out to match any occasion. For example if you have some very neutral curtains hanging up like white or natural, with simple color tie backs, you might want to change just the tie back to go along with every season like blue for winter or orange for autumn. This is a very affordable trick to show your creative side for not a lot of money. offers tons of different tie backs and hold back options in deferent styles and colors so please stop by and take a look.
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