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Product Review: Splendor Batiste Sheer Curtains

Posted April 9, 2013 | Filed under Curtain Product Reviews | Comments (0)
We have been selling the Splendor for over 5 years; it has gotten a pretty good reaction from our customers. When Stylemaster 1st started making the Splendor, they made it in the Tab top curtain design. Tab Top curtains have gone by the wayside and have been replaced with Grommet Curtains. Grommets became popular, due to the ease of hanging and the folds always look perfect & no longer sloppy.

By far the most popular item in the Splendor line is the festoon valance. They sell like hot cakes and 99% of the time the customer keeps them. A low return rate always means the product meets the customers’ expectations.

The splendor line, now includes, grommet curtains, rod pocket panels (Tailored Panels) & The Festoon Valance. It is available in White, Beige, Ocean Blue, Maize, Olive Green and Plum Rose. Color interpretations are always tricky, you wouldn’t think it, but boy are colors controversial. It seems everyone sees them differently.

The white is the basic white, the beige is the basic ivory, even thought this supplier insists on calling it beige, to confuse the customer, the Maize is a yellow, the ocean blue is a pretty strong medium blue, the olive describes the shade of green pretty well and the plum rose is a unique combination of plum & rose.

We have received many customer comments over the years and have tried to help, with providing all the information need to describe the product as accurately as possible, customer feedback is very important it always helps us improve.

Some customer order the festoon valance & immediately send an e-mail stating that it is missing a pocket to thread the curtain through. The festoon valance doesn’t have a typical straight pocket across the top of the valance; it has a unique serpentine pocket that creates the unique folds in the valance.

The fullness of the valance festoon valance is also a little tricky, in our 40”W window display; we have used two 100”W valances. This valance really needs to be full, so for the valance we recommend approx 4 time your window with for proper fullness. Fullness is a customer preference question, certainly some customers use less fullness.

Other customer comments include, I didn’t realize the fabric was so sheer. This is true batiste sheer; it is see through & meant to be. Sometimes photos give a false sense of coverage, most photos are taken in a studio, without natural light.

In summary I would recommend the Splendor Batiste Sheer Curtains as a buy since they are Inexpensive, easy to hang, look great, available in a lot of colors & sizes.
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