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Modern Living Room Design

Posted Jun 17, 2013 | Filed under Window Decor Ideas | Comments (0)
The modern living room is a constantly evolving space, adapting to the way we live our busy lives. Traditionally, this room was a separate reception area in the home where adults could sit and relax in peace. Today, modern living rooms have to work hard and be all things to all people. With space at a premium in contemporary homes, a living room serves as a place to relax, to meet up, to eat, socialize and watch TV.

Living rooms can be designed and decorated in many different styles. Traditional living rooms appear warm and welcoming when antique furniture and classical upholstery are featured. Opulent window treatments in classic French toile designs can add a sense of drama and panache to a room, perfect if it is to be used for entertaining purposes.

Modern living room design reflects the needs of modern families. Busy people need spaces that function well, require minimal maintenance and cleaning and yet are comfortable and relaxing to spend time in. Ensure there is adequate seating in the room for everybody. Consider the dimensions of the room and select sofas and armchairs that fit the space without crowding it. One of the hallmarks of contemporary design is its sense of space and clean lines, free from clutter.

Dining in the living room can work very well if the house has no dedicated dining area. Designate a section of the living room for eating. Consider fitting an easy clean flooring material in this area for practical purposes. Add a storage buffet for plates and cutlery as well as an oak dining table and the area will be clearly defined as an eating space.

When thinking about the layout of a modern living room it is wise to consider storage. Rooms with multiple uses do tend to attract stuff. Ensure storage for DVDs, computer games and magazines is thought out beforehand. Clever clutter solutions, such as storage footstools, are perfect for clearing away family items and providing seating at the same time. Similarly, coffee tables that double up as storage units are widely available in modern designs. Consider concealing televisions behind screens or sliding storage walls for a streamlined look. For fabrics and textiles, keep pattern to a minimum and opt for clean, clear colors. Pale walls and dark sofas make a practical choice, accented with hot colors in cushions and simple curtains.

Of course modern living rooms can look contemporary in a more casual, eclectic way. Furnishing in materials such as wood does not restrict us to just traditional styles. Modern wooden furniture styles can add freshness to our décor and give a room real flair. The warmth of modern wooden furniture combined with a more relaxed shabby chic approach provides a living space that is both stylish and welcoming. The key to success lies in accessorizing skillfully with vintage mirrors, retro artwork and window treatments with a more casual fabric.

Modern people need modern spaces that work for them. We are 'off duty' in our living rooms, so they need to be somewhere we can relax, kick back and have fun. Designing a successful modern living room depends on getting the balance right between the practical and the pretty – judge this correctly, and the room can be a great space in which to spend leisure time.
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