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How to Properly Hang a Tie-Up Valance!

Posted October 7,2016 | Filed under Tips By Manny | Comments (0)
Swags galore has recently added tie-up valances to our ever growing selection of valances! Tie-up valances are a beautiful way to decorate any room in the house! There are some tricks to hanging these valances to get the best results.

First step to hanging up a tie-up valance is to take the it out and iron both layers of the valance, this will make give it easier to hang and give it a much cleaner look when you’re finished. Some tie up valances like the Bristol come with little balls holding the strings together, and while you can iron it with those on, it makes it easier if you just remove those balls when ironing and place them back on the strings when you’re done.

Second step would be hanging the rod up and fixing the header. Most times when you hang any Valance or panel the header needs to be spaced out evenly to make the window treatment look even and neat, this is especially important with the tie-up valances because you want your ties to be evenly centered on each side. If not, when the bows are tied it will be very easy to notice something isn't right with the valance and could ruin the look of your space.

Last step is tying the bows; this is the most rewarding part but can be tricky. I find it easiest to find how high on the valance you would like the tie to go and fold the valance as if you were folding a fan from the bottom up until you reach that spot and then tie your bow, this also makes it easier to get an even look with both bows.

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