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How to Hang Ascot Valances

Posted Apr 22, 2014 | Filed under Tips By Manny | Comments (0)
There are many things you could do with ascot valances; the list goes from the simple look utilizing just two single color valances on the same rod to using several valances with multiple colors on single, double ,or triple curtain rods. The possibilities go on and on! Now as for me I�ve hung ascot valances almost every way you could think of and I�m here to give some tips and tricks to achieve that desired look one might be going for.

First you have to decide what colors go best in the room or wherever you�ll be hanging the valances, the Reverie Ascot Valance comes in 8 colors, and could be mixed and matched to accommodate any color scheme. Then you have to decide if you want to use a single, double, or triple curtain rod and how long you need it/ them to be. And last but certainly not least you need to decide how many valances you would like to use and that your budget would allow but keep in mind the more valances you use the longer and/more curtain rods you will need as well.

After purchasing the materials needed for your desired look you�re ready to start hanging! For an example I will explain one of the more intermediate looks to achieve which are 7 valances on a double curtain rod, and I will be doing this step by step.

� First step would be to figure out where to hang the brackets on either side of the window frame. I recommend placing each bracket 1inch away from the frame on both the left and right side to give enough room to spread the valances apart but not so far that you loss the design of the valances. You should always test fit the rods before continuing.

� Second step would be to iron each individual valance, nothing worse than seeing creases in your finished display.

� Third step would be to start with the inner rod of the convention double curtain rod set that goes underneath the outer rod. For 7 valances I take the first 3 and start sliding them on the inner rod I make sure they are evenly spaced leaving about 1 to 2 inches exposed on the rod on both ends. You might find that sometimes the valances want to slide all the way to ends so I just use two small pieces of tape to hold them in place.

� Forth step would be to take the remaining four valances and slide them on the outer rod, make sure that these go all the way to the ends of the rod to hide the bottom rod, Space out the tops 4 valances evenly so you can still the bottom 3 valances peaking out between the top valances.

� Last step would be to take a step back and see the beautiful display you accomplished.
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