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Get Ready For Winter With Insulated And Thermal Curtains!

Posted Dec 10, 2014 | Filed under Tips By Manny | Comments (0)
Winter is finally here and depending on where you live that means soon the temperature will be dropping and your heating costs will be rising! But one trick that could be done to try and cut those heating costs back is the use of insulated or thermal curtains panels.

These panels are designed with a thicker foam backing that helps save money on your energy bills by minimizing drafts through windows and by keeping the already stored heat inside your living space. These types of curtains arenít just used for keeping heat in, they can also be used to keep the heat out in the summer when the air conditioning Is on, these panels trap the cool air in, which will also save you money on electricity.

Some other advantages of thermal or insulated curtains are you get more restful sleep day or night because of a darker sleeping area, These panels are also so thick that they keep out most unwanted noise, like when that annoying neighbor is mowing his lawn and your still in bed, they can protect your carpets, furniture and keepsakes from sun fading and lastly if you have ever strained your eyes trying to watch TV with the windows reflection in it, these panels can eliminate the reflections which in turn gives your eyes rest and much better view of the tv.

Thermal and insulated curtains are a great option all year round and be sure to check out our large selection at
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