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Curtain, Curtains, Curtains

Posted Jun 27, 2013 | Filed under What the Heck? | Comments (0)
Today Iím totally overwhelmed with Curtains. Thereís Curtains in the office thereís Curtains in the warehouse, thereís Curtains everywhere.

Weíve purchased so many new Curtains over the last few months and were working feverishly to get them online as quick as possible, which is no easy task.

First we need to find slots in the warehouse then we have to evaluate which items we have to iron and photo. Then itís off to the photo studio where we take a minimum of 5 photos of each product, next it goes to the team of photo editors who have to size /crop the photos that will best represent the product. Then we have to write a description of the product and letís not forget the coding that Google, Bing and Yahoo require so the product can be found when customers search for them, no easy task.

Iím not complaining, just venting.

I should be writing about one of our new products or a new promotion that were offering in this blog post, but Iím drawing blanks today. Sorry.

I can only think about one thing; you guessed it ďCurtainsĒ.

Stay tuned, tomorrow I will get some of these Curtains off my desk and write something more pleasant. As for now itís all about Curtains, Grommet Curtains and Kitchen Curtains.
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