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America's Online Curtain Superstore, Swags Galore is the best place to buy Valances. Valances are what Swags Galore is all about. We stock the largest collection of Valance and Swags on the web. We ha...Read Moreve spent years researching the best products at the best prices and are always looking for the newest and hottest products the industry has to offer.

One of the quickest ways to add eye-catching pizzazz to a room is by adding a cleverly designed window topper. Topper's is a broad term used to describe any fabric window covering that creates interest at the top of a window. Commonly referred to as valance, toppers can add instant impact to the overall design of a room in subtle or dramatic ways. In addition to adding visual appeal, toppers also can hide a privacy shade or a curtain rod. The right combination of window topper style and fabric choice can transform an ordinary-looking room into one you will enjoy spending time in.

Tailored Valances offer the ease of installing your window toppers effortlessly. They offer a neat clean look that will compliment all decorating styles. Many of the tailored valances are now available as a grommet tops which create a contemporary look however we offer many traditional and country style tailored valances as well. Shaped valances and scalloped valances will give your windows lots of body and texture. These valances are made with more fabric then tailored valances which will create fullness to your window. Tucked, Austrian, Festoon and M valances are just a few of the shaped/scalloped valance we offer at big savings.

Layered valances also called Bradford valances are great values and come in a number of different home dιcor styles. These valances have coordinating layers of fabric (one over the other) which give you many color options when decorating. Print fabrics are especially well suited for layered window treatment styles since the print can provide dramatic splashes of color in a room.

Lace valances and sheer valances are probably the most affordable. These are light weight fabrics that are generally tailored and allow lots of light to enter the space. They can be used alone or over panels, shades, shutters or balloon shades. Your options are limitless when considering which valance to use on your windows.

Lined Valances are more common and affordable these days. Lined valances are not prone to sun damage since they have a fabric lining. In many communities the home owners association requires the home owner use neutral color window treatments, and with lined valances you can install a burgundy faux silk valance with a white lining and still be in compliance.

Ascot, tassel and waterfall valances are pointed style valances with cascades of fabric falling gracefully over the top of your windows. Many of the ascot valances have tassels hanging from the bottom. Waterfall valances have cascades of flowing fabric. Keep in mind when using these types of valances it's recommended you use odd numbers of valances on your windows, such as 3, 5, 7 this way you focus on the center valance in your window.

Tie up shades are popular these days. Easy to install, affordable and available in every decorating style. They can be used alone or with curtains and drapes in fact many of the curtain styles are available with coordinating tie up shades.

Country style valances are the most popular valances we stock. With hundreds to choose from at prices that won't break the bank it's no wonder were the leader in affordable valances on the web today. The country valance can be installed in all types of homes, not just the old farm house. These types of valances create a warm cozy atmosphere that will make everyone feel welcome in your home.

Swag and jabot valances are the perfect choice if you want to frame your window but donοΏ½t want the hassle of curtain panels hanging to the floor. These types of window treatments cover most cosmetic imperfections around your windows since they have tails that swoop down on either side. Most swag and jabot set are lined and are easy to install. They can create a casual, elegant or country look at an affordable price.

Waverly valances are quality branded fabrics that could cost hundreds of dollars at a custom shop but we have many readymade Waverly products at affordable prices....Read Less
Windsor Valance - Blue
Windsor Valance - Brown
Windsor Valance - Burgundy
Windsor Valance - Olive
Windsor Valance - Linen
Cambridge Valance - Brown
Cambridge Valance - Blue
Cambridge Valance - Burgundy
Cambridge Valance - Linen
Cambridge Valance - Olive
Hawthorne Ascot Valance - Cream
Hawthorne Ascot Valance - Sea haze
Easton Valance - Sand
Easton Valance - Ivory
Easton Valance - Sage
Easton Valance - Sky
Savoy Valance - Sand
Savoy Valance - Crimson
Savoy Valance - Espresso
Savoy Valance - Spa
Charleston Valance - Taupe
Charleston Valance - Oyster
Splendor Festoon - Ivory
Splendor Festoon Valance - White
Splendor Festoon Valance Ocean - Blue
Splendor Festoon Valance - Maize
Splendor Festoon Valance - Plum Rose
Splendor Festoon Valance - Olive Green
Coventry Bradford - Yellow
Coventry Bradford – Green
Windsor Lace Swagger - White
Windsor Lace Swagger - Natural
Soho Waterfall Valance - Espresso
Soho Valance - Crimson
Soho Valance – Truffle
Soho Valance – Avocado
Blackstone Tie-Up Shade - Chocolate
Blackstone Tie-Up Shade - Black
Blackstone Tie-Up Shade - Blue
Blackstone Tie-Up Shade - Brick
Blackstone Tie-Up Shade - Gold
Blackstone Tie-Up Shade - Sage
Blackstone Tie-Up Shade - Taupe
Serenity Victory Valance - Ivory
Serenity Victory Valance - Burgundy
Serenity Victory Valance - Gold
Serenity Victory Valance - Chocolate
Serenity Victory Valance - Black
Emery 3PC Swag Set 36"L - Taupe
Emery 36" 3PC Swag Set Burgundy
Emery 36" 3PC Swag Set - Midnight
Emery 36" 3PC Swag Set - Sky
Emery 3PC Swag Set 45"L -Burgundy
Emery 3PC Swag Set 45"L - Midnight
Emery 3PC Swag Set 45"L Sky
Emery 3PC Swag Set 45"L - Taupe
Emery 3PC Swag Set 63"L Sky
Emery 3PC Swag Set 63"L Taupe
Emery 3PC Swag Set 63"L Burgundy
Emery 3PC Swag Set 63"L Midnight
Emery "M" Valance - Burgundy
Emerly "M" Valance Sky
Emery "M" Valance Midnight
Emery "M" Valance Taupe
Emery Valance - Midnight
Emery Valance – Sky
Emery Valance – Taupe
Emery Valance – Burgundy
Darby Valance - Flame
Darby Valance - Ivory
Darby Valance - Cafe
Darby Valance - Gold
Boxwood Lined Valance - Brick
Boxwood Lined Valance - Sand
Boxwood Lined Valance - Marine
Boxwood Lined Straight Valance - Sand
Boxwood Lined Straight Valance - Brick
Boxwood Lined Straight Valance - Marine
Boxwood 3PC Lined Swag Set - Brick
Boxwood 3PC Lined Swag Set - Marine
Boxwood 3PC Lined Swag Set - Sand
Gabrielle Valance - Crimson
Gabrielle Valance - Blue
Gabrielle Valance - Sage
Gabrielle Valance - Taupe
Gabrielle Valance - Chocolate
Gabrielle Valance - Oyster
Savannah Valance - Oyster
Savannah Embroidered Valance - Taupe
Melbourne Scalloped Valance
Melbourne Valance Ivory
Hopewell Balloon Shade - White
Hopewell Balloon Shade – Cream
Hopewell Lace Valance - White
Hopewell Lace Valance - Ceam
Cassidy Scalloped Valance - Natural
Cassidy Scalloped Valance - Spa
Cassidy Scalloped Valance - Autumn
Lodge Valance
Hudson Ruffled Valance
Sunroom Valance - Park Designs
Sunroom Swag Pair
Circle Charm Valance - Beige
Circle Charm Valance - Blue/Brown
Paloma Valance
Villagio Valance
Garden Suite Valance
Haru Valance
Sandra Valance
Annabelle Valance
Florino Valance
Loren Valance
Garden Blossom Valance - Blue/Brown
Garden Blossom Valance - Green/Brown
Angelica Pleat Valance - Blue
Angelica Pleat Valance - Silver
Ventura Valance
Shimmer Valance
Urban Savanna Valance
Butterfly Dreams Valance - Beige/Taupe
Butterfly Dreams Valance - Blue
Audrey Bradford Valance - Multi
Isabella Valance
Tender Blossom Valance
Covina Valance - Black/White
Covina Valance - Blue/Brown
Angelica Sequin Valance – Sea Green(Blue)
Angelica Sequin Valance – Gold
Angelica Sequin Valance – Red
Angelica Sequin Valance – Beige
Lattice Wave Valance - Onyx
Lattice Wave Valance – Indigo
Lattice Wave Valance - Citron
Minibabies Valance - Pink
Minibabies Valance - Blue
Sinclair Grommet Valance - Black
Sinclair Grommet Valance - Burgundy
Sinclair Grommet Valance - Chocolate
Sinclair Grommet Valance - Taupe
Provence Double Layered Valance - Blue
Provence Double Layered Valance - Red
Candlewick Valance - White
Candlewick Valance - Cream
Addison Valance - Burgundy
Addison Valance - White
Addison Valance - Sage
Addison Valance - Natural
Window Pane Valance
Window Pane Swag Pair
Luis Valance - Celery
Luis Valance – Ivory
Luis Valance – Taupe
Valerie Bradford Valance - Black
Valerie Bradford Valance - Linen
Valerie Bradford Valance - Spa
Fenwick Mini Swagger - Chocolate/Black
Fenwick Mini Swagger - Natural/Black
Fenwick Mini Swagger - Natural/White
Loretta Valance - White
Loretta Valance - Egg
Reflections Jabot Set - Blue
Reflections Jabot Set - Ivory
Reflections Jabot Set - Tan
Reflections Jabot Set - Sage
Jewel Austrian Valance
Marcia Deep Empress Valance - Blue
Marcia Deep Empress Valance – Green
Marcia Floral Scalloped Valance - Blue
Marcia Floral Scalloped Valance - Green
Mansfield Grommet Valance - Spice
Mansfield Grommet Valance - Mocha
Mansfield Grommet Valance - Navy
Bar Harbor
Tiffany Valance - Rust
Tiffany Valance - Burgundy
Tiffany Valance - Beige
Tiffany Valance - Sage
Tiffany Valance - Gold
Tiffany Valance - Brown
Tiffany Waterfall Valance - Rust
Tiffany Waterfall Valance - Burgundy
Tiffany Waterfall Valance - Sage
Tiffany Waterfall Valance - Beige
Tiffany Waterfall Valance - Brown
Tiffany Waterfall Valance - Gold
Bali Scalloped Valance - Espresso
Bali Scalloped Valance - Crimson
Bali Scalloped Valance - Natural
Oakwood Valances - Black
Oakwood Valance - Brown
Oakwood Valance - Natural
Coronado Scalloped Valance – Black
Coronado Scalloped Valance – Ivory
Coronado Scalloped Valance – Cranberry
Coronado Scalloped Valance – Blue
Coronado Scalloped Valance – Mocha
Blackstone Scalloped Valance - Chocolate
Blackstone Scalloped Valance – Black
Blackstone Scalloped Valance – Brick
Blackstone Scalloped Valance – Gold
Blackstone Scalloped Valance – Blue
Blackstone Scalloped Valance – Sage
Blackstone Scalloped Valance – Taupe
Metro Tie-Up - Navy
Metro Tie-Up - Burgundy
Metro Tie-Up -Natural
Metro Tie-Up - Oyster
Metro Tie-Up - Taupe
Charleston Chirp Valance
Imperial Dress Rebecca Valance
Garden Images - Black
Garden Images - Sage
Jessica Balloon Shade
Brewster Swagger - Ivory
Brewster CV Swagger - Antique
Megan Embroidered Valance - Blue
Megan Embroidered Valance- Brown
Megan Embroidered Valance - Burgundy
Regency Valance - Navy
Regency Valance - Blue
Regency DF Valance Antique
Seascape Swag and Valance - Ocean
Seascape Valance - Ocean
Ridgefield Lined Valance - Burgundy
Ridgefield Lined Valance - Midnight
Ridgefield Lined Valance - Espresso
Charlotte Valance Black
Charlotte Valance Burgundy
Charlotte Valance Ivory
Daisy Lined Valance
Sage Swag
Schooner Valance - Nautical
Picket Fence Swags
Picket Fence Valance
Berkeley Stripe Valance - Salsa
Berkeley Stripe Valance - Sage
Victoria Park Valance Black
Victoria Park Valance Red
Victoria Park Valance Blue
Victoria Park Tie Up Black
Victoria Park Tie-Up Blue
Victoria Park Tie-Up Red
San Juan Wave Valance - Gold
Thompson Lined Valance - Harbor
Thompson Lined Valance - Wine
Thompson Lined Valance - Grass
Thompson Lined Valance - Java
Victoria Park Bradford - Black
Victoria Park Bradford - Red
Victoria Park Bradford Blue
Whitfield Stripe - Blue
Whitfield Stripe - Chocolate
Whitfield Stripe - Wine
Yacht Club Stripe Crimson Chatham Valance - Waverly
Sturbridge Fishtail Swag Wine
Sturbridge Fishtail Swag - Black
Sturbridge Fishtail Swag - Green
Sturbridge Gathered Swag - Wine
Sturbridge Gathered Swag - Black
Sturbridge Gathered Swag - Green
Cooper Scalloped Valance - Chocolate
Cooper Scalloped Valance - Champagne
Cooper Scalloped Valance - Flame
Cooper Scalloped Valance - Gold
Rod Sleeve Topper - Navy
Rod Sleeve Topper - Slate Blue
Rod Sleeve Topper - Harvest
Rod Sleeve Topper - Sage
Rod Sleeve Topper - Merlot
Devon Swag
Devon Valance
Gunmetal Check Swag Pair
Brownstone Check Swag Pair
Thatcher Valance
Thatcher Swag Pair
Butterfly Lace Fan Swag - White
Butterfly Lace Fan Swag – Ivory
Valerie Swags & Valances – White
Valerie Swags & Valances – Natural
Imperial Dress Valance - Waverly
River Birch Valance
Tyler Scalloped Valance - Confetti
Tyler Scalloped Valance - Periwinkle
Tyler Scalloped Valance Crystal
Tyler Scalloped Valance - Spring
Courtney Stripe - Rose
Fleur De Lis Duchess Filler Valance - Black
Fleur De Lis Duchess Filler Valance - Red
Lola Lined Valance - Sea Foam
Lola Lined Valance - Stone
Lola Lined Valance - Rust
Fleetwood Lined Swag Set - Berry
Fleetwood Lined Swag Set –Black
Fleetwood Lined Swag Set - Spa
Fleetwood (Colburn Clone) - Spa
Fleetwood (Colburn Clone) - Black
Fleetwood (Colburn Clone) - Berry
Fleetwood Tucked Valance - Black
Fleetwood Tucked Valance - Berry
Fleetwood Tucked Valance - Spa
Fleetwood Straight Valance - Black
Fleetwood Straight Valance - Spa
Fleetwood Straight Valance - Berry
Whitfield Solid Tie-up Curtain - Latte
Whitfield Solid Tie-up Curtain – White
Whitfield Solid Tie-up Curtain – Sage
Whitfield Solid Tie-up Curtain – Wine
Jeanette Valance Red
Jeanette Valance - Yellow
Jeanette Duchess Valance - Red
Jeanette Duchess - Yellow
Jeanette Tailored Valance - Red
Jeanette Tailored Valance - Yellow
Vienna Double Crescent Valance
Bryce Scalloped Valance - Pewter
Bryce Scalloped Valance - Sand
Bryce Scalloped Valance - Rust
Bryce Scalloped Valance - Sea Breeze
Coventry Floral Empress Swag – Green
Coventry Floral Empress Swag - Yellow
Coventry Scalloped Valance – Green
Coventry Scalloped Valance – Yellow
Scrapbook Lined Valance
Simple Praise Lined Valance
Simple Praise Lined Border Swag
Fish Camp Lined Border Valance
Fish Camp Lined Border Swag
Fish Camp Lined Valance
Allspice Lined Valance
Allspice Lined Border Swag
New Hope Lined Valance
New Hope Lined Border Swag
On Key Lined Valance
Metro Valance - Navy
Metro Valance - Burgundy
Metro Valance -Taupe
Metro Valance - Oyster
Metro Valance - Natural
Anna Tie-Up Shade - Burgundy
Anna Tie-Up Shade - Natural
Anna Tie-Up Shade - Chocolate
Anna Tie-Up Shade - Taupe
Como Scalloped Valance - Tuscan
Como Scalloped Valance - Cinnabar
Hudson Scalloped Valance-Spa
Hudson Scalloped Valance –Espresso
Hudson Scalloped Valance –Crimson
Hudson Scalloped Valance – Vanilla
Priscilla Ruffled Valance - White
Priscilla Ruffled Valance - Ivory
Whitfield Floral Scalloped Valance
Peaceful Cottage Lined Single Point Valance
Abbey Rose Lace Swagger - White
Abbey Rose Lace Swagger - Ivory
Whitfield Valance
Durango Valance
Gypsy Ruffled Valance - White
Gypsy Ruffled Valance - Cream
Raven Scalloped Valance - Champagne
Raven Scalloped Valance Cafι
Raven Scalloped Valance - Ginger
Raven Scalloped Valance - Gold
Bleeker Valance - Mocha
Bleeker Valance - Truffle
Bleeker Layered Valance - Domino
Celeste Scalloped Valance - Bordeaux
Celeste Scalloped Valance - Natural
Celeste Scalloped Valance - Onyx
Nottingham Layerd Valance - Blue
Nottingham Layered Valance - Terracotta
Surrey Stripe Valance
Mia Laced Valance - Beige
Mia Laced Valance - White
Facets Valances - Chocolate
Facets Valances – Blue
Facets Valances – Green
Facets Valances – Taupe
Kensington Stripe Empress Swag - Red
Rose Momento Merlot Chatham Valance - Waverly
Sussex Lined Valance
Brewster Lace Scalloped Valance - White
Brewster Lace Scalloped Valance - Ivory
Imperial Dress Filler Valance - Black
Imperial Dress Filler Valance - Grey
Imperial Dress Filler Valance - Red
Imperial Dress Duchess Valance - Black
Imperial Dress Duchess Valance -Grey
Imperial Dress Duchess Valance - Red
Aztec Valance
Eastern Myth Rebecca Valance - Red / Radish
Claremont Lined Valance - Admiral
Claremont Lined Valance - Chestnut
Claremont Lined Valance - Garnet
Regatta Empress Swag -Taupe
Regatta Empress Swag – Sangria
Mateo Stripe Valance - Black
Mateo Stripe Valance
Warwick Stripe Empress Swag - Green
Warwick Stripe Empress Swag - Yellow
Winston Empress Swag - Red
Winston Empress Swag – Navy
Lincoln Plaid Valance - Teal
Lincoln Plaid Valance - Rust
Waves Valance
Lincoln Plaid Valance - Green
Shenandoah Trailord valance - Multi
Albemarle Swag - Multi
Lemons Swag Pair
Riviera Duchess Filler Valance - Coffee
Riviera Duchess Filler Valance - Cinnamon
Anna Straight Valance - Burgundy
Anna Straight Valance - Chocolate
Anna Straight Valance - Taupe
Anna Straight Valance - Natural
Hydrangea Bradford Valance
Star Dance Valance
Suzanne Stripe Bradford
Montego Stripe Valance - Black
Montego Stripe Bradford - Green
Napoli Valance Espresso - Waverly
Napoli Valance - Cameo - Waverly
Boroughs Plaid - Blue
Boroughs Plaid - Plum
Felicite Valance - Creme
Felicite Valance - Noir - Waverly
Carlisle Valance
Denehy DF Valance
Astonish Valance - Mocha
Astonish Valance - Onyx
Astonish Valance - Taupe
Astonish Valance - Lavender
Cynthia Stripe Empress Swag - Blue
Cynthia Stripe Empress Valance -Green
Cynthia Stripe Scalloped Valance - Blue
Cynthia Stripe Scalloped Valance - Green
Dalton Scalloped Valance
Sunflower Valance
Anna Austrian Valance - Chocolate
Anna Austrian - Taupe
Anna Austrian Natural
Anna Austrian Burgundy
Rue Du Marche Sheer valance
Frisco Valance - Red
Frisco Valance - Navy
Frisco Valance - Green
Colton Valance
Countryside Lined Border Swag
Waldorf Valance
Kyoto Valance
Java Valance
Monarch Valance
Bird Song Valance
Audrey Scallop Valance – Multi
Island Retreat Valance
Seashore Valance
Peek - A - Boo Waverly Valance
Barano Bradford Valance Brown
Barano Bradford Valance Green
Barano Bradford Valance Wedgewood
Barano Bradford Valance - Navy
Ombre Waterfall Valance - Sandstone
Ombre Waterfall Valance - Black
Ombre Waterfall Valance - Sage
Ombre Waterfall Valance - Autumn
Ombre Waterfall Valance - Chocolate
Ombre Waterfall Valance - Earth
Reverie Ascot Valance - Blue
Reverie Ascot Valance - Burgundy
Reverie Ascot Valance - Chocolate
Reverie Ascot Valance - Green
Reverie Ascot Valance - Eggshell
Reverie Ascot Valance - Gold
Reverie Ascot Valance - Taupe
Reverie Ascot Valance - White
Emily Valance - White
Emily Valance - Cream
Emily Valance - Sage
Baltimore Balloon Valance - Violet
Baltimore Balloon Valance - Blue
Baltimore Balloon Valance - Pink
Emma's Garden Ascot Valance
Spring Bling-Vapor Valance - Waverly
New Rochelle Waterfall Valance - White
New Rochelle Waterfall Valance - Natural
New Rochelle Valance - White
New Rochelle Valance - Natural
Marburn Curtains
Charlotte Waterfall Valance - White
Charlotte Waterfall Valance - Antique
Charlotte Lace Valance - White
Charlotte Lace Valance - Antique
Barnyard Valance
Pineapple Lined Valance
Sunflower Lined Valance
Fresno Valance - Gold
Fresno Valance - Copper
Fresno Valance - Green
Road Work Valance
Flight of Fancy Valance
Men at Work Valance
Sports Valance
Buzz Valance
Alicia Pureti Scalloped Valance - Close Out
Elegance Sheer Valance - White
Elegance Sheer Valance - Beige
Elengance Sheer Valance - Bisque
Elegance Sheer Voile Valance - Gold
Elegance Sheer Voile Valance - Sage
Elegance Sheer Voile Valance - Smoked Blue
Elegance Sheer Voile Valance - Chocolate
Elegance Sheer Voile Valance - Onyx
Elegance Sheer Voile Valance - Cranberry
Lexington Waterfall Valance - Gold
Lexington Waterfall Valance - Chocolate
Lexington Waterfall Valance - White
Lexington Valance - Chocolate
Lexington Valance - Gold
Lexington Valance - White
Country Life Garnet Fairfield Valance - Waverly
Dover Tailored Valance- Ivory
Dover Tailored Valance- Blue
Dover Tailored Valance- Taupe
Cornwall Tailored Valance – Multi
Ticking Stripe Wave Valance – Blue
Ticking Stripe Wave Valance – Green
Francesca Wave Valance - Red
Audrey Scallop Valance – Multi
Sandra Jacquard Valance – Beige
Reagan Waterfall Valance – Brown
Reagan Waterfall Valance – Sage
Ashley Sheer Valance - Indigo
Ashley Sheer Valance - Mocha
Ashley Sheer Valance - Rose
Ashley Sheer Valance - Spearmint
Andrea Wave Valance – Bordeaux
Andrea Wave Valance – Sage
Palmer Wave Valance – Black
Palmer Wave Valance – Navy
Crestwood Wave Valance - Rust
Cool Blues Valance
Logan Solid Scallop Valance – Blue
Logan Solid Scallop Valance – Linen
Logan Solid Scallop Valance – Red
Logan Solid Scallop Valance – Green
America Lined Scalloped Swag Set - Multi
America Lined Valance- Multi
Posey Lined Valance
Red Rock Valance
Eastern Myth Rebecca Valance - Red / Radish
Sarasota Valance
Imperial Dress - Antique
Sunny Day Lined Valance